IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards Shortlist 2020

It’s time! Ireland’s biggest, glittery-est, most stylish, adrenaline-charged awards, honouring the very best in Irish hair and beauty is back.

We are excited to announce this year’s much-anticipated shortlist... the experts who we firmly believe can turn us from fine to fabulous... The heroes who make our eyes sparkle, our bodies glow, our skin shine and our brows arch; hairstylists who can make heads turn with their crafty cutting, creative colouring and brilliant blow-drying. Plus, we list the salons, clinics and spas where miracles are performed on a daily basis. We love them, and we think you do too. Over the next few weeks, you have the opportunity to vote for your favourites from our amazing shortlist, covering 18 categories, from the best in make-up and hair to the most skilled beauty technicians, artists, entrepreneurs and salons. So get involved and get voting for your 2020 Business of Beauty winners! Get voting now before votes close on Friday, March 6 2020


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Best Spa

The spas nominated in this category should provide clients with a world-class spa facility, which boasts a unique spa experience, a broad and innovative treatment menu, and partners up with first-rate spa brands. The spa’s therapists across the board should execute treatments to the highest standard, and consistent client service from all spa staff is crucial to the nomination.

Best Beauty Salon

Here’s where the magic happens… Ireland’s best beauty salon should offer spectacular services, professionally performed in a great atmosphere and setting. The winning salon will offer the perfect combination of great team, excellent know-how and results that clients return for again and again. Staying up to date with product and treatment trends, as well as knowing what really works is key; while comfort, ambiance and feel good factor are equally essential.

Best Aesthetic Clinic

In order for an aesthetic clinic to be nominated, it must offer a wide variety of both tried and trusted skin treatments that safely harness the latest technological developments in dermatology. Staff with a medical background and training is a must, and the administering of treatments must be done in the safest environment. Results derived from treatments must be aesthetically pleasing and the clinic’s good reputation should precede them.

Best Nail Salon

The nail salons nominated in this category must deliver on all levels of this grooming indulgence. The hand and feet treatments offered must be exceptional and their finish perfect. Longevity of the manicure or pedicure is also taken into account, as are the salon facilities and the enjoyment factor of a visit. A variety of nail treatments and finishes must also be on offer.

Best Front of House Experience

The salon experience begins at the door, and so often whatever happens next is influenced by hospitality, personality and attention to detail. The salon with the best front of house team will be the one that creates atmosphere and has a mood-enhancing effect on clients.

Best Tanning Professional

The winner should excel at creating beautiful, even bronzing, using premium, reliable products, applied artfully and effectively. He or she will also have excellent client rapport, thoroughly explaining pre- and post-treatment procedures for best results.

Best Nail Technician

The nail technicians in this category must offer above par hand and feet treatments, and achieve a durable, perfect finish. They must boast a loyal clientele and be experts in all types of nail finishes and styling. Staying on top of catwalk-inspired nail trends and success in international competitions is also considered.

Best Make-up Artist

The make-up artists nominated must firstly be available for regular appointments in a store, salon or studio. They must boast an innate ability for creating flawless make-up looks that work for all occasions, from theatrical to glamorous, corporate to bridal. They must be up on current catwalk trends if not part of the teams that create them, yet be able to translate new trends in a way that flatter their clients’ contours and colouring, and in a manner that works with their lifestyle demands too.

Best Beauty Therapist

While standards of beauty therapy are high in Ireland, there are those gifted with a magic touch. Our winning therapist will be someone who can diagnose skin, and a client’s holistic needs and then perform a bespoke treatment using all of their professional training, human empathy and product knowledge.

Best Brow Artist

The brow artists nominated here must have an ability to understand how to sculpt the best brow shape to flatter both the client’s eye shape and facial contours. They must have a loyal clientele and be well practised in various brow-grooming techniques.

Best Eyelash Artist

Nobody wants uneven lashes. These eyelash artists must be the most sought-after technicians, from tinting to extensions, curling to lifts, they are the go-to in the industry. They must have excellent visual spatial ability and be able to judge the perfect length and volume for each of their clients.

Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year

Winning in the hair and beauty industry takes more than good looks! The IMAGE Entrepreneur of 2020 will have had an amazing year forging ahead with innovation, business smarts and a hungry desire for success.

Best Beauty Influencer

Who do you look to for beauty product knowledge and expertise? Whose opinion do you rate? Our winning influencer will combine strong content with their unique personality published regularly on social channels that we can't wait to see.

Best Hair Salon

The hair salons nominated in this category should boast a team of dynamic stylists and expert colourists who collectively offer clients the highest standard of service. These salons must push the boundaries when it comes to defining new trends and cultivating young talent, while simultaneously respecting their clients’ needs and lifestyles. They must offer an above par salon experience and maximum client comfort.

Best Hairstylist

This category requires a stylist who can wield a scissors with both dexterity and flair to craft cuts, which work for both clients’ everyday needs and also for when something more glam is required. They must have a knack for creative styling inspired by catwalk trends, which they can adapt for formal and casual events as needed.

Best Hair Colourist

To be considered for this category, the hairdresser must have a proven track record and adequate experience as a colourist. They must boast a loyal clientele, and have strong relationship-building skills. They should challenge themselves to evolve and develop by using their skills outside the salon for creative projects, and success at global hair competitions is also taken into account.

Most Creative Talent in Hair

The winner of the Most Creative Talent in Hair award will have shown precision, outstanding creativity and flair in hairdressing. He or she will have a reputation as one of Ireland's most in demand hair heroes.

Best Bloody Brilliant Blowdry

Everyone knows the transformative effects a great blow-dry can bring, and a bloody brilliant blow-drier is the most essential number in your little black beauty book. The winner of this category will be the hairstylist who can add bounce, remove static and tame curls for happy hair and a delighted client. In short, a life-changer.